One of the best things about the internet that I’ve witnessed is the accessibility to information – gone are the days of the travelling encyclopedia sales man going door to door (Now your computer repair guy does housecalls, which can even be ‘virtual’!) – you can access information from just a click away.

Being an avid user of the internet since it’s inception, I’ve still never found a way that really allows me to get new information in a way that suits me.

Twitter is a solution that is a little easier to read than blogs, yet I feel I can participate and add value – and the posts I read are things that I’m interested in and appreciate reading.

If you haven’t already given it a chance, I would encourage you to check it out.

Here’s a few ideas about what to share on Twitter:

  1. Industry specific and relevant events (either put on by you or others) – could be Live Event Tweets from someone participating at a conference.
  2. Helpful tips (also ask for help – quick surveys)
  3. Interesting business tools, websites, videos or resources you have come across
  4. Replies to other interest tweets in your community
  5. Interesting articles and blog posts (yours and others)
  6. Interesting news about your company
  7. Conversational promotion of your products and services (occasional NOT frequent)
  8. Product recommendations (ie. Affiliate Marketing) – fits into conversation
  9. Relevant and applicable quotes
  10. Hot discussion in the News (ie. Election)


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