I’ve just tried out a new service called EchoSign. Free accounts are limited 5 contracts per month – if you want to upgrade the next level is only $14.95 per month for unlimited signatures. If you need that many signatures, chance are that you won’t mind a minimal fee to get them all securely in one place.

How EchoSign Works

You just email your agreements for signature through EchoSign — they take care of the rest.

When you email your agreements through EchoSign, our servers automatically and securely take care of making sure the document gets signed and e-mailed right back to you as a PDF.  How?

You Send for Signature

EchoSign makes it as easy as possible for you to get a signature. You can email through EchoSign the document you need signed through our webmail-like interface. And pick what type of signature you want — electronic or fax. That’s it. There’s nothing to download or learn.

They Sign…

When you send the document through EchoSign, the recipient just opens the email, like they already do, and prints, signs and faxes back the document — again, just like they do today. Only easier. Your recipient doesn’t even have to make a fax cover sheet or find your fax number – EchoSign automatically gives them the fax cover sheet, complete with a secure EchoSign fax number.

…Or E-Sign

To move even faster, pick the e-Signature option. The recipient can sign right on the screen — in two clicks or less!

You’re Done!

EchoSign’s servers automatically route signed copies as PDFs to whoever needs them — not only you and the other party, but if you want, anyone else — legal, accounting, HR, your boss, your assistant, anyone. It’s 100% automated, and no one but you and the intended recipients ever receive or read the document.

Never Lose Track

We make sure you can easily find a signed copy later. We store a private copy of the signed agreement in your secure EchoSign account. And you can do even more: Send a copy to anyone. Remind people to sign it if it isn’t signed yet. Remind yourself to renew it down the road. Automatically keep track of what’s been signed and what hasn’t.

By far one of the best features – they will plant a tree for everyone you send an invite to and who signs up.  Win/Win/Win as far as I’m concerned.  So if you’re thinking of a new filing system for your contracts – give EchoSign try and let’s plant a few trees!!

Learn more about the plant a tree program at:


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