Sounds catchy, doesn’t it?

“Green Routine”

That’s what I’m hoping for anyways – this to be catchy enough to really catch on. I’ve been thinking a lot lately on various ways that I can go ‘greener’, not only in business, but in everyday life.

What I know works for me is getting into routines.

So here’s my green routine:
Every morning I do a walk around the house, open up the blinds (let sunshine in to heat the house), turn the lights off in every room, turn the heat down – if it’s nice, open a window or two.

It’s little, but every morning if I’m making a little effort to be greener I’m doing something!  Not only that, but I’m starting the day with an awareness that will carry with me throughout the day , hopefully propelling me into greener actuals all day long.

Please share with us your green routine, so we can all learn and grow!

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