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Windows Live Writer Review

So just how easy is it to use Windows Live Writer to update your WordPress blog posts?  That’s what we are about to discover, as I share with you my thoughts and findings on using an offline platform to update your website. 
First, what is Windows Live Writer?  Essentially it’s a re-wrapped and slimmed down [...]

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WordPress 2.8 – What it means to users

The new WordPress it out! Version 2.8 has come a long way since 2.0 with it’s revamped look coming out in 2.7, WordPress has come a long way.

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EchoSign – Stay secure and go Green!

I’ve just tried out a new service called EchoSign. Free accounts are limited 5 contracts per month – if you want to upgrade the next level is only $14.95 per month for unlimited signatures. If you need that many signatures, chance are that you won’t mind a minimal fee to get [...]

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Search Engince Review:

I do appreciate a good google seach, however after using I might be bookmarking a new search engine.  This is one that I’ve just been introduced to, however I can see what all the fuss is about.
Great features:

It’s current tag line: “Inhale the web” – that about sums it up! The amount of information [...]

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HostGator Webhosting

After complications with another web hosting company
(beware of hosting services that block dynamic IP addresses!) I
switched to Host Gator.  I have been very impressed so far -
their support is instant, and I would recommend their services to

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