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Internet Tips & Traps: Clear Your Cache and Cookies to Free up Valuable Space and Protect your Privacy

Are you running out of disk space? Are you having difficulty getting your browser to stop loading an out-of-date page or image. Is your computer or Internet running slow or crashing frequently? It may be time to clear your browser’s cache (pronounced “cash”) and cookies — and no, I don’t mean taking all the money [...]

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Shopping Cart Solutions

1 Shopping Cart System
Affordable and Powerful. This is our recommended shopping cart system. With a full line of features and an integrated approach to ecommerce, this solution is designed for everyone from a solo-preneur to a corporate business. Ask us about setup and integration into your website….it’s our speciality

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Everyday Marketing Ideas Article: Good Review of 31 Basic Principles

I found this great article that covers 31 Marketing Response Triggers that really get the job done. Take 5 minutes and read through see what ideas you come up with for your own marketing efforts:
Everyday Marketing Ideas » Blog Archive » Why Haven’t Marketers Everywhere Been Told These Facts?

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Search Engince Review:

I do appreciate a good google seach, however after using I might be bookmarking a new search engine.  This is one that I’ve just been introduced to, however I can see what all the fuss is about.
Great features:

It’s current tag line: “Inhale the web” – that about sums it up! The amount of information [...]

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Expanding the Possibilities-utilizing mindmaps

What if you could find a tool that helps you expand your possibilities, focus and write down your plans and ideas…
I finally gave mind mapping a good shot and now use it in most of my planning and client meetings.
Here’s one’s I’ve used:

Good: Very basic, easily flows, free, accessible
Improvements: Once you get started it’s hard [...]

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Sharing Ideas – Enjoying Twitter

One of the best things about the internet that I’ve witnessed is the accessibility to information – gone are the days of the travelling encyclopedia sales man going door to door (Now your computer repair guy does housecalls, which can even be ‘virtual’!) – you can access information from just a click away.
Being an avid [...]

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LinkedIn Applications – Cool tools to use

Here are some cool tools for you to use with your LinkedIn account.  Stay in touch, collaborate and automate – a few of my favorite things!


LinkedIn has teamed up with some of the Internet’s premier companies to bring you new applications that enable you to collaborate on projects, get key insights, and present [...]

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Selling Products? Then why not sell online with Amazon

Amazon offers you tools and services that make it easy for anyone to submit a product for consideration.
One of the options is the Advantage Program. How does it work?
Here’s a few key Q&A:
What kinds of products do you accept into the Advantage program?
We currently accept books, calendars, single copy magazines, CD’s, DVD’s, VHS, [...]

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Receive an exclusive 25% discount on custom printed products at VistaPrint. Order today!

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Looking for an easy ‘Members Only’ option?

Turn your wordpress site into a simple members only area with a few simple plug-ins:
Members Only
A plugin that allows you to make your WordPress blog only viewable to users that are logged in. If a visitor is not logged in, they will be redirected either to the WordPress login page or a page of your [...]

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