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Top 10 Tools Going Into Twenty-Ten (2010)

By far, one of the things I love most is discovering new ways to do things better – that can include anything from finding a good program, changing the steps in a process, to discovering new ways to collaborate. Here is a list of the top 10 things, that I am very glad to have in my tool chest as we move forward into 2010:

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Windows Live Writer Review

So just how easy is it to use Windows Live Writer to update your WordPress blog posts?  That’s what we are about to discover, as I share with you my thoughts and findings on using an offline platform to update your website. 
First, what is Windows Live Writer?  Essentially it’s a re-wrapped and slimmed down [...]

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WordPress 2.8 – What it means to users

The new WordPress it out! Version 2.8 has come a long way since 2.0 with it’s revamped look coming out in 2.7, WordPress has come a long way.

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Windows Faces more Challenges

Thinking of waiting for the next Windows? Think again..

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EchoSign – Stay secure and go Green!

I’ve just tried out a new service called EchoSign. Free accounts are limited 5 contracts per month – if you want to upgrade the next level is only $14.95 per month for unlimited signatures. If you need that many signatures, chance are that you won’t mind a minimal fee to get [...]

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Appointment Scheduling is a Pain – Can TimeDriver help?

What is it about scheduling appointments that makes it so difficult?  Well unless you can be synced up with the other persons calendar and confirm or respond in real-time, then it’s usually a matter of phone or email tag, followed by a few other time changes, etc.
Recently, I was introduced to a nifty new tool [...]

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Search Engince Review:

I do appreciate a good google seach, however after using I might be bookmarking a new search engine.  This is one that I’ve just been introduced to, however I can see what all the fuss is about.
Great features:

It’s current tag line: “Inhale the web” – that about sums it up! The amount of information [...]

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Expanding the Possibilities-utilizing mindmaps

What if you could find a tool that helps you expand your possibilities, focus and write down your plans and ideas…
I finally gave mind mapping a good shot and now use it in most of my planning and client meetings.
Here’s one’s I’ve used:

Good: Very basic, easily flows, free, accessible
Improvements: Once you get started it’s hard [...]

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LinkedIn Applications – Cool tools to use

Here are some cool tools for you to use with your LinkedIn account.  Stay in touch, collaborate and automate – a few of my favorite things!


LinkedIn has teamed up with some of the Internet’s premier companies to bring you new applications that enable you to collaborate on projects, get key insights, and present [...]

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