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Creating a “Green Routine”

What’s your “Green Routine”? By getting into a simple routine each day you are doing a little bit more to help yourself and the environment.

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A touch of green helps air stay clean

NASA knew all about it back in the early nineties, but it’s information that’s worth repeating. Houseplants can help make your indoor air quality better, not to mention providing a green oasis in even the most sterile home or office atmosphere.

Cheaper and more natural than those hydro consuming electronic air purifiers, houseplants can help filter [...]

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EchoSign – Stay secure and go Green!

I’ve just tried out a new service called EchoSign. Free accounts are limited 5 contracts per month – if you want to upgrade the next level is only $14.95 per month for unlimited signatures. If you need that many signatures, chance are that you won’t mind a minimal fee to get [...]

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