Recently I’ve had the pleasure of encountering two sets of business cards that really broke the mould of the traditional business card and completely knocked my socks off.

If you spend anytime handing out your own business cards, then you can definitely learn a thing or two from these guys.  When I was in high school one of my projects was to do a basic business plan for a company. I happened to choose business cards, researched the designing and printing costs (at that time was a lot more than it would be now), and all the other peripherals that go into running a business.  I was horrified when I worked out all the numbers and found out that this business actually lost money (I thought it was a sure thing when I picked it).  I didn’t have time to start my whole business idea over again, plus I concluded that the experience of going through this process to actually show that it wasn’t a money making gold mine, was very valuable, and valuable for me to share.

Francomedia Clear Business CardsI didn’t stop at the business plan, I knew I had to come in with something more in order to not completely flunk this course – not only that, I had some cool business card ideas I really wanted to share!!  When it came time presenting our idea I had a mock up logo, presentation board, and of course business cards.  I broke the mould of the traditional business card and made different shapes and styles – something that you would remember.  I ended up with an A+ on this presentation, even though my business actually lost money – the power of presentation.

When I first saw Francomedia’s cards online, it got me all excited, bringing me back to my creative happy place. Recently when I got to visit their headquarters, I had the absolute privilege to see them in person.  I know what you’re thinking, but these are just business cards – they are, yes, but they are also a brand. They speak to the creative touch that you can achieve in a subtle place, that really solidifies your brand and makes you and your business memorable.

Again, creative happy place!

The other business card I came across through a meeting on Twitter, and then in person.  Brent Hammond is a business coach with a unique approach that I can really resonate with – Adventure Life Coaching – fun.  Everything from his twitter background, to his unique website and business coaching system encourages you to remember him, and his brand.

Brent Hammond Pop-up cardWhen I had the pleasure to meet Brent in person at a local charity event, he handed me his business card – again my inner creative started jumping for joy. Brent has developed a pop-up business card. Having three young children I can relate to the joy we all feel when anything pops up at us.  So much fun!

These are two great examples I’ve come across that if you happen to see in person, you’ll remember – just for the one simple touch of a fantastically branded and unique business card.

Now time to get my own creative juices flowing again and revisit my own cards to see what we can do.

Do you have an example of an exquisitely unique card?  If so, please share!

3 of Francomedia's Clear Cards

Find out more about how Francomedia achieved these unique see-through cards.

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