Appointment Scheduling is a Pain – Can TimeDriver help?

What is it about scheduling appointments that makes it so difficult?  Well unless you can be synced up with the other persons calendar and confirm or respond in real-time, then it’s usually a matter of phone or email tag, followed by a few other time changes, etc.

Recently, I was introduced to a nifty new tool that might just take care of those annoying scheduling tasks.


I encourage you to go to their website and check it out.  With a free 90 day trial, and no credit card needed it’s worth a shot.  This application integrates with Outlook and Google Calendar (and I’m hoping for Zoho Calendar).  Post a link on your website or add one to your email.  Set chunks of time aside and have them fill up for you…automatically.

The best part – it’s a small investment for BIG results!!

How much does TimeDriver cost?
You can try TimeDriver free for 90 days. If you like what you see, pay just $29.95 per year for an annual subscription. To begin your free 90-day trial with no risk and no obligation, click here. No credit card is required.

Let me know how you use TimeDriver and how’s its benefited you!!

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Internet Tips & Traps: Clear Your Cache and Cookies to Free up Valuable Space and Protect your Privacy

Are you running out of disk space? Are you having difficulty getting your browser to stop loading an out-of-date page or image. Is your computer or Internet running slow or crashing frequently? It may be time to clear your browser’s cache (pronounced “cash”) and cookies — and no, I don’t mean taking all the money out of your wallet and throwing out the Thin Mints.

Clearing Your Cache

When you visit a Web site, your browser often stores information on your computer, such as Web pages, images, sounds and other downloaded content. All this information is referred to as the “browser’s cache.” Virtually all browsers store a local copy of the cache.

Storing such information can make Web browsing faster, since it takes your computer less time to load that information when visiting a previously-viewed page. However, all of the stored files take up space on your computer, so if you surf the net a lot and visit sites laden with images and sound clips, you might want to clear your cache to free up that precious storage space.

Here are some quick and easy instructions for clearing your cache in some of the more popular browsers:


To clear your cache in Firefox, select Clear Private Data from the Tools menu in your browser. Make sure only Cache is selected by unchecking all of the other boxes. Then, click Clear Private Data Now.

Internet Explorer

To clear your cache in Internet Explorer, select Internet Options from the Tools menu in your browser. Then, if necessary, select the General tab. In the Browsing history section, click Delete. The Delete Browsing History window displays. Finally, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click Delete files.


To clear your cache in Safari for Mac, select Empty Cache from the Safari menu on a Mac or the Edit menu in Windows in your browser. Then, in the pop-up window, click Empty.

Clearing Your Cookies

Similar to your browser’s cache, when you enter specific information into a Web site, such as your name, email address, or more personal information like a user name or password, the browser often saves this data as a “cookie.” Most of these files are harmless and even helpful. For example, your saved cookies allow you to have the User name or Account name populated when visiting your favorite sites. However, some Web sites allow other Web sites to place cookies on your computer for the purposes of advertising.

We all know this is annoying, but more importantly, do you really want ads for Web sites unknown to you to be lurking around your computer? Of course not. Online safety and security is of the greatest concern for Web users. Therefore, you may want to clear your browser’s cookies to delete all of this saved information and help ensure your personal information is not compromised.

Again, here are some quick and easy instructions for clearing your cookies in some of the more popular browsers:


To clear your browser cookies in Firefox, select Options from the Tools menu and then go to the Privacy tab. In the Cookies section, click Show Cookies. To delete all of your cookies, click Remove All Cookies. Or, to delete only specific cookies and retain others, highlight the cookies you want to delete, and then click Remove Cookies. When you’re done, click Close and then click OK.

Internet Explorer

To clear your browser cookies in Internet Explorer, select Internet Options from the Tools menu, then if necessary, go to the General tab. In the Browsing history section, click Settings. The Temporary Internet Files and History Settings window displays. Click View files. Then, to clear your cache and all of your cookies, click Delete. Or, to delete only specific cookies and retain others, highlight the cookies you want to delete, then under the File menu, click Delete.


To clear your browser cookies in Safari, select Preferences from the Safari menu on a Mac or the Edit menu in Windows. Go to the Security tab and then click Show Cookies. To delete all cookies, click Remove All. Or, to delete only specific cookies and retain others, highlight the cookies you want to remove, and then click Remove. When you are finished, click Done.

After you have cleared your cache and cookies, you should restart your browser for the settings to take effect.

Keep your Browser Clean

Because you accumulate cookies and information in your browser’s cache, it is a good idea to clear both your cache and cookies on a regular basis. Taking these simple steps to keep your browser “clean,” helps your computer to operate better and protects your privacy and security.

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Shopping Cart Solutions

1 Shopping Cart System
Affordable and Powerful. This is our recommended shopping cart system. With a full line of features and an integrated approach to ecommerce, this solution is designed for everyone from a solo-preneur to a corporate business. Ask us about setup and integration into your website….it’s our speciality

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Everyday Marketing Ideas Article: Good Review of 31 Basic Principles

I found this great article that covers 31 Marketing Response Triggers that really get the job done. Take 5 minutes and read through see what ideas you come up with for your own marketing efforts:

Everyday Marketing Ideas » Blog Archive » Why Haven’t Marketers Everywhere Been Told These Facts?

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Search Engince Review:

I do appreciate a good google seach, however after using I might be bookmarking a new search engine.  This is one that I’ve just been introduced to, however I can see what all the fuss is about.

Great features:

  • It’s current tag line: “Inhale the web” – that about sums it up! The amount of information and various types make this one a site to remember
  • Customizable options make the searches even more relevant and useful

Improvements needed:

  • Haven’t found any yet, but I’m still new to this one – time will tell

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Expanding the Possibilities-utilizing mindmaps

What if you could find a tool that helps you expand your possibilities, focus and write down your plans and ideas…

I finally gave mind mapping a good shot and now use it in most of my planning and client meetings.

Here’s one’s I’ve used:

    • Good: Very basic, easily flows, free, accessible
    • Improvements: Once you get started it’s hard not to want it do more: export to word, bullet points, sub points
  • Mindjet Mindmanager Pro
    • Good: Very detailed, sub points, sharing options, more formatting options
    • Improvements: Price, ease of collaboration

Let us know which ones you’ve used and your thoughts!

I love finding great programs and tools that assist me so much I know will continue to be a tool I use for the forseeable future.

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Sharing Ideas – Enjoying Twitter

One of the best things about the internet that I’ve witnessed is the accessibility to information – gone are the days of the travelling encyclopedia sales man going door to door (Now your computer repair guy does housecalls, which can even be ‘virtual’!) – you can access information from just a click away.

Being an avid user of the internet since it’s inception, I’ve still never found a way that really allows me to get new information in a way that suits me.

Twitter is a solution that is a little easier to read than blogs, yet I feel I can participate and add value – and the posts I read are things that I’m interested in and appreciate reading.

If you haven’t already given it a chance, I would encourage you to check it out.

Here’s a few ideas about what to share on Twitter:

  1. Industry specific and relevant events (either put on by you or others) – could be Live Event Tweets from someone participating at a conference.
  2. Helpful tips (also ask for help – quick surveys)
  3. Interesting business tools, websites, videos or resources you have come across
  4. Replies to other interest tweets in your community
  5. Interesting articles and blog posts (yours and others)
  6. Interesting news about your company
  7. Conversational promotion of your products and services (occasional NOT frequent)
  8. Product recommendations (ie. Affiliate Marketing) – fits into conversation
  9. Relevant and applicable quotes
  10. Hot discussion in the News (ie. Election)


Why not link up with us – find us at

List provided by – check it out for a great course on Social Media Marketing!

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LinkedIn Applications – Cool tools to use

Here are some cool tools for you to use with your LinkedIn account.  Stay in touch, collaborate and automate – a few of my favorite things!


LinkedIn has teamed up with some of the Internet’s premier companies to bring you new applications that enable you to collaborate on projects, get key insights, and present your work to the world’s largest professional network. Getting started is fast and easy, as you’ll be able to install and use your new applications in just seconds. Below you’ll find a brief description and video demos of our featured launch application partners.

Featured Applications

Amazon Reading List

Amazon’s Reading List application allows you to discover what the people in your network and industry are reading. Start by adding the books that are relevant to you– those that you’re planning to, are currently, or have already read. Likewise you can then discover the latest books that your network and peers in your industry are reading. Enhance your reading with the Reading List app today!
Add Amazon Reading List Application

Huddle Workspaces

Huddle Workspaces, is a free service that allows you to collaborate with any of your connections privately and securely. Instantly create a project and invite specific connections to join in and collaborate. Brainstorm, exchange ideas with discussion forums, and monitor your progress with RSS feeds. Forget the days of sending around email attachments, as Huddle allows you to directly co-edit your documents and spreadsheets and keeps track of the changes made as a team. Start collaborating with the Huddle app today!
Add Huddle Workspaces Application

The application helps you share your important data on LinkedIn. Collaborate, share, and exchange your important documents with your specific connections on LinkedIn. In addition to providing free storage and collaboration features, you can also feature key documents directly on your profile. Perfect to showcase your latest work, past deals, or portfolio. Start sharing with the app today!
Add Box File Collaboration Application


Share your presentations with your colleagues and connections LinkedIn. With the Share your presentations with your colleagues and connections on LinkedIn. With the SlideShare application, you can view the presentations of all your connections, find experts for certain industries and topics, and share important presentations with your own connections and the rest of the LinkedIn network. You can reinforce your professional reputation by embedding SlideShare presentations in your LinkedIn profile to feature your portfolio and work. Show off what you know with the SlideShare app today!
Add Slideshare Application

Connect your blog to your LinkedIn profile and get the most of your relationships. Blog Link helps you and your professional network stay connected. Blog Link automatically pulls in the latest blog posts from around your network so you can stay up-to-date on the latest posts from your trusted connections. Stay informed by adding the BlogLink app today!
Add Blog Link Application

Company Buzz

What are your customers saying about your company? Every second thousands of people are sending out messages about companies and industries on blogs, twitter, and across the internet. Company Buzz taps into this information for you, to find the relevant trends and comments about your company. Add the app today and see what all the “buzz” is about!
Add Company Buzz Application

My Travel by TripIt

See where your trusted professional network is traveling to and when you will be in the same city as your colleagues. The My Travel application allows you to easily meet up at the next industry event or re-connect with old friends. Get started today to display your current location, upcoming trips and travel stats within your network.
Add My Travel Application

Google Presentations

Google presentations are a professional way to introduce yourself and your work. Add a presentation to your LinkedIn profile to showcase a recent talk or presentation, display a visual portfolio of your professional accomplishments, or introduce yourself to recruiters and professional contacts viewing your profile. It’s easy to get started. Upload a Powerpoint file or use Google’s free online application to create your presentation, then post it to your profile for others to view.
Add Google Presentations Application


Looking to connect your WordPress blog with LinkedIn? The WordPress Application allows you to connect and stay connected with your Linkedin network by syncing your WordPress blog posts with your LinkedIn profile. Once added you can select to filter your posts with a special LinkedIn tag in addition to displaying your personal WordPress icon. Start blogging today!
Add Wordpress Application

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Are you interested in Social Media Marketing?

Take our assessment to get you started and focused:

Review our social media assessment

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Selling Products? Then why not sell online with Amazon

Amazon offers you tools and services that make it easy for anyone to submit a product for consideration.

One of the options is the Advantage Program. How does it work?

Here’s a few key Q&A:

What kinds of products do you accept into the Advantage program?
We currently accept books, calendars, single copy magazines, CD’s, DVD’s, VHS, vinyl LP records, software and video games. We do not accept digital content (e-books, MP3 downloads) or subscription-based items like magazines or journals. We are always looking at new opportunities, so please check back with us in the future to see if we have expanded our product categories.

How much does Advantage cost, and what are the terms?
There is an annual fee of $29.95 to be a member of Advantage. Your fee includes unlimited title enrollment, access to our Vendor Services team, and access to the Vendor web site to manage your account. The standard terms for Advantage vendors is 55% – you keep 45% of the List Price. That means that is entitled to 55% of the List Price for each unit that sells. You, the vendor, receive 45% of the List Price. You set the List Price, also known as Suggested Retail Price, of your products, and all payments made to you are calculated based on the List Price. If decides to further reduce the sales price to the customer below the List Price, the customer discount comes out of’s percentage. For example, if the List Price is $39.95, you will make $17.98 from each copy sold, even if the Customer Price or Our Price on is discounted from the List Price.

How is Advantage different from Marketplace?
Advantage is for new, retail quality, customer-ready merchandise. Titles enrolled in Advantage qualify as “ships from and sold by”. These titles also qualify for our Super Saver Shipping and Prime Shipping options.
Amazon Marketplace is for selling new, used, refurbished and collectible items–you can list your item right alongside the same item carried by Marketplace transactions occur between the seller and the customer directly. The seller is responsible for listing the product, shipping customer orders, and providing all customer service. simply handles payment processing for Marketplace transactions.

I don’t have physical inventory. Can I still enroll in Advantage?
Advantage is for physical inventory only. However, you can still list and sell your products via the Make-On-Demand services of affiliates BookSurge (for books) or CreateSpace (for books, CDs, or DVDs).
BookSurge and CreateSpace are wholly-owned by and offer inventory-free fulfillment to’s customers. Visit or for more information.

Of course the downside is that you earn less than you would per title than you would selling it yourself, however now you have the power of the Amazon search and the ease and integration of an already popular method. You may earn less per unit, however if you’re selling more units…

Contact us if you’re interested in setting up an advantage account.

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