NASA knew all about it back in the early nineties, but it’s information that’s worth repeating. Houseplants can help make your indoor air quality better, not to mention providing a green oasis in even the most sterile home or office atmosphere.

Green up your office

Cheaper and more natural than those hydro consuming electronic air purifiers, houseplants can help filter out many harmful substances from the air you and your family breathe. Formaldehyde and benzene given off by many products found around the home or office such as foam padding in furniture, laminate counters and synthetic carpeting are just two of the chemicals that you may be unknowingly inhaling on a daily basis. Houseplants take in air through their leaves and process it through leaves and stems and impurities are passed from the roots to the soil where microbes and bacteria break the toxins down. Photosynthesis means that at the same time, they are taking in carbon dioxide and giving off life sustaining oxygen.

The top plant choices for air cleaning qualities are as follows:

  • areca palm
  • peace lily
  • English ivy (beware not pet friendly)
  • Corn-plant
  • Weeping fig
  • rubber plant
  • dwarf date palm
  • Boston fern
  • Chrysanthemum

Also spider plants and philodendrons showing promising results as well. Just two or three plants in an average sized living room can make a difference.

So besides being a great, green decorating accent, houseplants can help improve the indoor air you breathe!

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